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Toronto's Premier Flamenco Dance Studio

No family lives the flamenco tradition more fully then the Scannuras. They are Canada's preeminent flamenco family, pursuing their art form with authenticity and excellence.

Their performance company Ritmo Flamenco has received acclaim for their "brand" of flamenco that refuses to be formulaic and with their troupe of dancers and musicians, have toured North America and Europe.

Artistic Director Valerie Scannura is fully equipped to pass on her passion for dance in group classes held at their Liberty Village Studios at the School of Ritmo Flamenco.

Flamenco is as much about music as it is about dance and Roger Scannura's accomplished mastery of the flamenco guitar has won him numerous awards and glowing reviews.

Their daughter Anjelica is a prodigy who has been receiving acclaim for her unique style of flamenco fusion choreography and daring performances.